Freedom Ring

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Meaningful fine jewellery for the beautiful, powerful and strong woman. With its sophisticated lines weaving in and out each other, this 14K rose gold Freedom ring is a commitment to yourself to live life as you will it. Let your personality shine through more with the diamond option.

With the purchase of this creation, you are donating 120 SGD to Singapore Children’s Society. (Applicable to all transactions from May 15th to June 30th, 2020)

Usual Terms and conditions apply to all purchases, including free returns and exchanges. After Avyanna transfers the donation to Singapore Children´s Society (agreed on July 30th, 2020) any product return with a request of credit note will be discounted the 120 SGD donated. Donations WILL not be refundable after July 30th, 2020. For any reason.


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All Avyanna jewellery is crafter in Singapore by specialised artisans.

We believe in Singapore as a trademark of the outmost respect for Human Rights, quality trust and fair trading. Avyanna will not compromise.


We recommend that your Avyanna is cleaned regularly with a gold polishing cloth to keep it looking as perfect as the day you first received it. Perfumes, sprays and lotions should be applied before putting on your jewellery.


2.8 Grams of 14K Solid Rose Gold – Strong enough for everyday wear is ideal for fine jewellery. Rose Gold is made with a blend of colour-saturated alloy mixture, which includes pure gold but with a bit more Copper for a rosy hue.

Gold has been recognized since primitive times to symbolize wealth and luck as well as strengthen confidence.

Wearing gold jewellrey is believed in some cultures to have benefits such as prevention of black energy from entering the body, insertion of divine consciousness in the body, spiritual healing and protection from negative energy.

The sacred power of gold has already been established in ancient China, Persia, and India. Gold opens Crown chacra and is known to help someone who wears it. Gold has protective properties and removes evil from your body.


8 diamonds (0.9 carats VVS/H or above)

Fully designed and manufactured in Singapore.