SemiC Semicolon White Gold Ear Cuff


Avyanna creations are NOT plated or vermeil. We manufacture authentic solid gold jewellery with genuine diamonds at reasonable prices to keep forever in good conditions. If you are not fully satisfied, we will refund 100% of your purchase. Warranty!

​It is sold by units. (Not pairs)

Precious MetalWhite Gold 9 Karats
CollectionSemiC by Avyanna
SymbolFull Semicolon
Total Creation Weight (g)
Gold Purity (K)9
Diamond Quantity
Diamond Quality
Sizes (mm)

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This ear cuff is a symbol of strength. It is inspired by the iconic tattoo, “Semicolon”. When I writer chooses to use a semicolon instead of a full period, he decided not to end the sentence just yet.  With this creation you are expressing that you are the author of your life. Keep writing, the sentence is not over yet!

Avyanna creations are not plated or vermeil. We manufacture authentic solid gold jewellery to keep forever at reasonable prices.

Unlike fashion jewellery, Avyanna creations are not plated or vermeil. We manufacture authentic solid gold jewellery to keep forever at reasonable prices.

It is sold as a single unit.

Avyanna means Strong, powerful, beautiful woman.

The uniqueness of your beauty is the essence of Avyanna.

Beauty is from the soul. From your struggles. From your successes. And from your journey. It radiates from your smile, flows from your tears, accentuates through your wrinkles and shines above your scars., this is what Avyanna is. Every creation is a trophy to be worn, a talisman to hold close, and a keepsake treasured forever.

Always genuine and always bold, Avyanna lets you choose your expression, your style, your vibe. Make no apologies and walk beyond the crowds because it is only there that you will find yourself in places you will never have dreamed of before.

Create it, style it and own it. Wear it proud and embrace the Avyanna woman in you.

Avyanna Gold Jewellery

At Avyanna, we take great care to select the best material for our gold jewellery to ensure that it lasts and is affordable. All Avyanna gold jewellery is made from solid gold, which ensures that the entire piece is created with the same quality gold throughout and will look beautiful, even with age. Our ranges include 14 karat Rose Gold, 9 karat White Gold and 9 karat Yellow Gold.

Avyanna Diamonds

At Avyanna, we know that each piece of jewellery must compliment your beauty. Our sparkling white diamond or mysterious black diamond and gold jewellery are ideal for any occasion.

For each piece, we take care to choose appropriately sized diamonds set in gold jewellery to compliment and accentuate your beauty. Our white diamonds are specifically chosen from the highest grade colourless diamonds. All diamonds used in our jewellery is graded "D" under the GIA grading system ("Exceptional White") and we only use VVS2 clarity diamonds

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SemiC by Avyanna



Precious Metal

White Gold 9-Karat


Ear Cuff


Full Semicolon


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