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Top 5 Jewellery Gift Ideas.

Jewellery gifts when beautifully and thoughtfully curated come in handy during birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Christmas and practically any occasion.

Many women are passionate about jewellery pieces that make them feel strong, powerful and beautiful.

If you’ve been searching for the best jewellery gift ideas for the special women in your life (you inclusive because you matter), this blog post is for you. So make sure you read to the end. 

Jewellery Gift

Solid gold earrings.

Express your love for her with solid gold earrings, earrings are one of the most common jewellery pieces worn by women across the world and when getting a jewellery gift it’s best to opt for metals that won’t tarnish.

Solid gold doesn’t tarnish or fade hence getting solid gold earrings as gifts for yourself, your mother, sister or best friend is a very sweet and thoughtful thing to do.

You can write a lovely note telling her how much she means to you and that you’d cherish her forever, this special gift is something that she would treasure so much. 

Also, ear stacking is one of the hottest jewellery trends right now and so instead of getting just one pair you could add two or three more. Hoops, studs, dangles, ear cuffs….. trust me, there are so many earring types to choose from. 

Jewellery Gift
Solid Gold Earrings

Diamond earrings.

It is commonly said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend and you absolutely can’t go wrong with the perfect pair of stunning diamond earrings.

Jewellery Gift
Stud Earring

They are the most popular gemstones and are not easily scratched, if you’re keen about getting a very durable jewellery piece as a gift for yourself or a loved one you could consider a pair of genuine diamond earrings.

Now imagine adding a bunch of flowers and a pack of chocolates with this gift, that would be mind blowing don’t you think so? 

Pendant necklaces.

A pendant necklace whether simple or extravagant is a great jewellery gift idea. It adds an extra sparkle to the outfit of the wearer and sits elegantly on the neck. You can have it in solid gold, genuine diamonds, sterling silver or any other metal.

Pendant necklaces come in different designs, shapes and sizes. You can either choose to go for a simple wear-everyday necklace or an extravagant one that can be worn on really special occasions to make a statement.

Whichever one you go for always remember that it’s really the thought that matters and that every time your mum, sister or best friend wears a jewellery piece gifted by you they think of you fondly and that could absolutely make their day much more beautiful. 

Jewellery Gift
Pendant Necklace

Casual rings. 

Casual rings can be worn with practically every outfit to spice up the look and add charm. There is a wide range of ring designs to choose from and it’s important to bear in mind the skin tone of the wearer when choosing jewellery pieces.

Cool skin tones look best with white metals, red, purple and blue gemstones. Warm skin tones look best with yellow metals, orange and green stones.

Diamonds look good with any skin tone so when you’re in doubt, go for diamonds. Rings can also be stacked just like earrings. A ring stack is a set of multiple rings that sit or nest together in a group.

Instead of getting just one ring for yourself or a loved one, you could get three or more to form a beautiful ring stack and give off an edgy vibe. 

Jewellery Gift
Casual Rings
Jewellery Gift
Casual Rings


A woman’s wrist adorned with a beautiful bracelet makes her entire look more feminine and gracious. It’s a beautiful accessory that is easy to wear and doesn’t require piercings or what not, they come in different styles and so there’s a variety to choose from. 

Jewellery Gift

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Avyanna is an exquisitely crafted jewellery brand for the strong, powerful and beautiful woman. She is you, an Avyanna woman! 

Avyanna is crafted jewellery for the strong powerful and beautiful woman blog
Avyanna semi colon yellow gold diamonds earrings cuff
Avyanna is crafted jewellery for strong powerful woman blog
Avyanna semi colon white gold diamonds earring



6 Steps To Creating Beautiful Jewellery Pieces.

Creating beautiful jewellery pieces is indeed a work of art, it involves careful and systematic step by step approach from the first sketch to stone setting. In this blog post, we are going to brief you on what happens behind the scenes in the creation of our solid gold and genuine diamond jewellery at Avyanna

 1. The first sketch.
This stage is quite challenging but at the same time exciting, this is the stage where inspiration and ideas are drawn from anything and everything. The uniqueness of our jewellery pieces is of great importance to us and so this stage is really vital, we put in our best to ensure that each piece is unique and radiates the aura of  strong, beautiful and powerful women that our brand represents.

Creating Beautiful Jewellery
Creating Beautiful Jewellery

2. Mood board.

 A mood board is a type of visual presentation or collage consisting of images, texts and samples of objects in a composition. Transition from paper to 3D is somewhat crafty and proper attention has to be given to ensure that factors such as the design, material, technique and comfort are considered while producing the technical drawing. Our team of experienced craftsmen put their heads together to consider the complexity of each piece to be sure that the concept of each design is feasible before it’s being sent for production.

3. Refinement.

Before we proceed to the production stage, the sketches go through a number of changes. Sometimes, the designs are tweaked slightly and other times we completely scrap them due to unsuitability of materials or design. We always ensure that we strike a balance between making unique jewellery and the comfortability of each piece for the wearer. When all these factors have been fully considered, we then proceed to the production stage. 

Creating Beautiful Jewellery
Creating Beautiful Jewellery

4. Casting.

Jewellery casting has been in existence for thousands of years; it is the process by which a wax pattern is made into a jewellery mold and then filled with molten metal to create a custom piece of jewellery. 

Creating Beautiful Jewellery
Creating Beautiful Jewellery

When a cast is made, a tree-shaped rubber base is formed onto which the waxes are fused. A slurry substance called investment is poured into a flask placed over the base and the entire structure is placed into a kiln and heated at about 870 degrees centigrade for 16 hours or more. 

The investment formed is destroyed when the flasks are cooled while the remaining plaster is chipped away, leaving behind a tree containing models as branches.The models are then cut free from the sprue and we move on to polishing and stone setting.

5. Polishing. 

The rough surface and impurities are filed using sandpaper so as to ensure that no visible trace is left where the cast is connected to the sprue base. A polishing wheel is used to smoothen the jewellery surface and the natural shine of the precious metal is revealed. 

A comprehensive quality control inspection is carried out afterwards to approve each jewellery piece before it’s sent out to stone setters. 

6. Stone setting.

In this stage, each piece is set carefully so that there is no slant and the stone fits perfectly. The goal is to attach the gemstones into the jewellery in a way that most flatters it without dramatising the method in which it is secured. 

Creating Beautiful Jewellery
Creating Beautiful Jewellery

Without stone setting, the dramatic gemstones featured in most jewellery would be forlorn so as a matter of fact this stage is equally as important as each of the stages listed above. 

All these and many more are the processes that our jewellers undergo to produce timeless and elegant jewellery pieces with dynamic designs that stand out among thousands. 

Avyanna is an exquisitely crafted jewellery brand for the strong, powerful and beautiful woman. She is you, an Avyanna woman!  

Avyanna is crafted jewellery for the strong powerful and beautiful woman blog
Avyanna semi colon yellow gold diamonds earrings cuff
Avyanna is crafted jewellery for strong powerful woman blog
Avyanna semi colon white gold diamonds earring

Get Started With Ear Stacking.

Ear stacking is one of the hottest jewellery trends right now and getting a perfectly stacked ear is a work of art; a creative way of expressing your style and personality. Ear stacking refers to wearing multiple earrings arranged along the ear lobe. 

Earrings are the one of the most common jewellery pieces and there are different types of earrings in several shapes and sizes ranging from studs, hoops, dangles, drops, huggees, ear cuffs, etc. Your personal style, the shape of your face, the size of your ears, the occasion and your outfit are to be considered when choosing earrings. 

Do you have to follow a pattern for ear stacking? 

Honestly, it all depends on you, you can choose to arrange the earrings from smaller sizes to bigger ones as you go up the loop or bigger ones up to smaller ones. Any arrangement that suits you as long as it makes you see yourself as the strong, powerful and beautiful woman that you are. 

Ear Stacking
Ear Stacking

When you are wearing multiple earrings, always ensure that you have one earring acting as the star of the show and then build the other earrings around it reflecting your style and the look you want to achieve. You can mix gold and silver earrings; you can wear diamonds on diamonds and mix gemstones but make sure the colours work together. 

Avyanna co-founder, Cheryl Lee said that “if you’d like to try ear stacking, just as you would with any other form of accessorizing, it would be ideal to start by thinking about your overall look. Are you going for a sweet vibe? Grungy look? Or more dressy style? Follow that up with a theme in mind, if possible. 

For example, a celestial theme, a nature theme, or an edgier theme. Place the selected jewellery pieces in different combinations to find your favourite one and simply fill up the empty piercings with a neutral piece like plain studs or hoops.

There are really no hard and fast rules, and you can definitely mix pieces from different genres but try to create a harmonized look that tells a story and represents who you are.”

Ear Stacking
Ear Stacking

If you currently don’t have piercings and you want to join the trend you can use ear cuffs.(How to use earcuff). Your ear shape and size are important when choosing earring styles because some earrings look better in some places than others and also some people’s tragus or daith is sometimes too small to be pierced.

The shape of your face needs to be considered when choosing earring styles for ear stacking, there are different types of face shape; round, oval, heart, square, diamond, etc. For a round face, flaunt long dangling earrings should be used as the star of the show then other ones can follow. Hoop earrings do wonders for the square shaped face and all geometrical shaped earrings are your best bet. 

If your face is oval shaped, you have a wider range to choose from; studs, dangles, chandeliers will all look great and then you can stack them in your preferred style. Heart shaped faces can be flattered by using drop earrings and not worrying about the length, in fact the longer the better!

Ear Stacking
Ear Stacking

Stacking earrings give you an edgy vibe but you must be careful not to pair it with layered necklaces, statement bracelets or cocktail rings. Let you ears get all the attention and rock your style effortlessly. 

To shop solid gold and genuine diamond earrings check out our store and tag us on Instagram, Linkedin and Facebook when you stack your ears with amazing jewellery pieces from us.

Avyanna is an exquisitely crafted jewellery brand for the strong, powerful, and beautiful woman. She is you; you are an Avyanna woman!

Avyanna is crafted jewellery for the strong powerful and beautiful woman blog
Avyanna semi colon yellow gold diamonds earrings cuff
Avyanna is crafted jewellery for strong powerful woman blog
Avyanna semi colon white gold diamonds earring

Discover Tips On How To Shop Jewellery Online.

Shopping for jewellery online gets very tricky sometimes because there are so many jewellery stores online. In this blog post you’d be enlightened on how to ensure that you get value for your money when you buy jewellery online.

Jewellery may be made from a wide range of materials. Gemstones, amber and coral, precious metals, beads and shells have been widely used but our focus in this blog post is on gold and genuine diamonds. 

Have you ever wondered why some online stores sell gold jewelleries for a few dollars and some others have very high price tags? I am sure you are aware that there is a difference between solid gold, gold vermeil and gold plated jewellery. 

Solid gold is made up of a gold alloy that is consistent through out the jewellery piece. Gold vermeil is made of sterling or fine silver and the thickness of the gold coat is a minimum of 2.5 microns (0.0025 mm). Gold plated is made of a non-gold metal but it is covered with a thin layer of gold. 

Gold purity is expressed in Karat and the purest form is 24 Karats; it is very soft and yellow in colour. We also have 18 Karats,14 Karats and 10 Karats; if a jewellery piece is 18 Karats it means that out of a total of 24 parts, 18 parts of the piece are gold and 6 parts are made up of other metals. The additional metals in 18K gold make the alloy harder and more durable than pure gold (24K) which is too soft for jewellery.

How to buy jewellery online gold purity

Solid gold is higher in quality and more expensive but if you take care of your solid gold jewellery properly, it could last forever while holding it’s value over time. So if you’re looking into buying a jewellery piece that you’d pass on to your granddaughters that will not tarnish or fade, go for solid gold!

If you ever come across a gold jewellery piece that is retailing for about 10 to 20 dollars, it is certainly plated! As a rule of thumb always remember that the factory price of one gram of pure gold is 83 SGD (€52).

Genuine diamonds are mined from the ground and created by nature, they are the most popular gemstones and hardest known natural substance.The jewellery industry favours colourless diamonds or those that have a colour so subtle that it is difficult to notice. A few white, gray and black diamonds are also cut and used as gems.

How to buy diamonds online

Diamonds are not easily scratched and they are not destroyed when heated.

How to buy online, one daimond

– It is extremely difficult to estimate the exact price of a creation with small diamonds, as we will never know exactly the characteristics of each stone and sometimes, we cannot even count them. Most of the time the best way is to compare the creation with its homologue without diamonds and see what premium we are being asked to pay for and how many diamonds they added.

– How to trust the vendor: the brand, where do they manufacture, where do they purchase the products, do they refund the products, customer service, the brand reputation,etc 

– Do not buy diamonds without certificate above 0.5 ct. All certified diamonds come with its individual number and it’s a guaranty of what you have and its value.

Here are reputed certificates you can trust:

•  GIA (Gemmological Institute of America)

•  HRD (Hoge Raad voor Diamant)

•  IGI (International Gemmological Institute)

•  AGS Laboratories


•  EGL (European Gemological laboratory)

How to buy online Diamonds

Contrary to what you may think, buying jewellery online is safe as long as you are buying from a reputable vendor. Shopping jewellery online will help you get better selections and quality all from the comfort of your homes. 

Avyanna provides unique and timeless solid gold and genuine diamond chains, earrings and rings with a handmade logo engraved. Each jewellery piece comes in an exquisite package and retails from $100 (€65), including free delivery and full returns within 7 days of purchase. 

An exquisitely crafted jewellery brand for the strong, powerful and beautiful woman. She is you, you are an Avyanna woman! 

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Avyanna is crafted jewellery for the strong powerful and beautiful woman blog
Avyanna is crafted jewellery for strong powerful woman blog
Avyanna is crafted jewellery for the strong, powerful and beautiful woman blog


“Confidence isn’t walking into a room thinking you are better than everyone; it is walking in and not having to compare yourself to anyone at all” – Anonymous. 

Dear Avyanna Woman,

Are you aware that your skin is in the right shade? 

Your height is perfect and your nose is in the right shape. Your hands and feet are the right sizes, your voice is unique and you are drop dead gorgeous! 

In today’s blog post, the subject of discussion is self-confidence and few tips will be shared on how to carry yourself with so much elegance knowing that there’s no one else like you in the whole world. You are unique!

Self-Confidence is freedom from doubt, belief in yourself and your abilities. Every single detail about you, your past experiences and your imperfections are all what makes up the individual that you are. 

What you think about yourself is way more important than what anyone thinks about you. You need to be so confident in yourself that no matter what anyone thinks or says about you, it doesn’t affect you in any way. 

3 believe in yourself self embrace

Your own perception of yourself is very important and it is essential that you see yourself as a unique entity. 

You have to always remind yourself every morning and night that you are enough. Speak to yourself like someone you are deeply in love with because what is not to love about you? You are all shades of amazing! 

 You are worthy, worthy of love, care, affection, attention and all the good things of life. Your life is an adventurous one and you have to be confident about every single thing that makes you who you are. 


Do not shrink yourself to please others, the society presents impossible beauty standards and it’s so hard to keep up. Just be yourself and focus on only what makes you truly happy! 

You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone, avoid seeking validations and give yourself the permission to fully enjoy life as it comes. Amidst all the hurdles, bloom like a beautiful flower and shine bright like a diamond that you are. 

Acknowledge that no one in the whole universe is you and that is your super power. Remember that life isn’t about forcing others to understand you, life is about understanding yourself and always taking chances on yourself. 

You got this! 

Avyanna is an exquisitely crafted gold jewellery brand for the strong, powerful and beautiful woman. She is you, you are an Avyanna woman!

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