Avyanna: (name) Strong, powerful, beautiful woman.

Brand Story

The uniqueness of your beauty, that is the essence of Avyanna.

Beauty that comes from within. Shaped from your struggles. Refined by your successes. Accentuated by the roads you’ve traveled.

A beauty that radiates from your smile and shines in your tears, proudly etched in every gentle wrinkle with strength forged with every scar.

This is what Avyanna is. Every piece is a trophy to be worn, a talisman to hold close, and a keepsake to be treasured forever.

Always genuine and always bold, Avyanna let’s you choose your own expression, your style, your vibe. Make no apologies and walk beyond the crowds, because it is only there that you will find yourself in places you will never have dreamed of before.

Create it, style it and own it. Wear it proud and embrace the Avyanna woman in you.

Avyanna Design

In order to be given an opportunity, we have to be able to give them too!

Our designs are entrusted to new upcoming and talented creators. We are always looking for new talents!

We are looking for genuine emotions and originality, creators at the service of our customer life journey.

If you have a new and exciting idea, do not hesitate, contact us at [email protected]

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Avyanna Manufacture

All our products are made in Singapore by HoBee Goldsmith. Singapore founded and registered company since 1979.

Avyanna Service

All our products are serviced in Singapore by HoBee Goldsmith. Singapore founded and registered company since 1979.

Avyanna Logistics

All our logistics are managed by Ferrari. Ferrari Group is a global leader providing one-stop solutions for secure logistics management of precious and luxury goods, including bullion, diamonds, gems, jewellery, watches and art pieces. With more than 50 years of experience and 83 owned offices in 52 countries, Ferrari Group is also an IATA agent and operates at major international hubs worldwide

Avyanna Team

We consider all our agencies part of our team. Hello Pomelo (Creative agency, social media and community management), XYZlab (Performance Marketing), Photographers, copywriters etc.

This ambitious project would have never started without your invaluable support and professionalism. Thank you!

In the next coming year, we will be hiring intensively. Especially on the digital marketing and eCommerce field.

People are at the head of our philosophy and the reason why we started this venture.

We are always looking for professionals of any age and background that are ready to learn, understand what commitment to the customer really mean, professionals that are genuine at heart and have a joyful personality.

Contact us if this motivates you: [email protected]


Cheryl & Eduardo, Co-founders of Avyanna

AVYANNA — Co-Founders