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Cheryl Lee


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Our Story

Established in 2019 in Singapore by Cheryl Lee and Eduardo Tártalo, AVYANNA is an online jewellery store selling exclusive AVYANNA designs made from quality solid gold to a worldwide audience of discerning shoppers.

AVYANNA means beautiful, powerful and strong woman. Beauty is from the soul. From your struggles. From your successes. From your journey. It radiates from your smile, flows from your tears, accentuates through your wrinkles and shines above your scars. Every creation is a trophy to be worn, a talisman to hold close, and a keepsake treasured forever.

The uniqueness of your beauty is the essence of AVYANNA.

Always genuine and always bold, AVYANNA women choose their expression, their style and their vibe. They make no apologies and walk confidently beyond the crowds, because they know it is only there that they will find themselves in places they have never dreamed of before.

Create it, style it and own it. Wear it proudly and embrace the trend-setting AVYANNA woman in you.

Our Visioin

A future where every woman harnesses her inner beauty and strength and allows herself to embrace the journey of her life.

Our Mission

To create beautifully designed and highly crafted jewellery which allows our clients to express their truest and most unique version.

Our Values

We exist to serve our customers’ self-expression.

We are passionate, committed in heart and mind.

Stay real, be true, be genuine.

Joy is our choice and our practice.

Integrity: we strive for sound moral and ethical principles.